It's Just A Fake Gucci Handbag, How Can It Hurt Anyone?

How could buying a fake Gucci bag be harmful? You are paying for a product and receiving it, that's it, right? Unfortunately there is much more to counterfeiting than it seems. There are many different ways counterfeiters break the law even before they send you your fake Gucci handbag, and by buying counterfeit Gucci bags, you are directly supporting their illegal cause. There are many legal and ethical reasons why everyone should avoid counterfeiters and the fake Gucci handbags they sell;

  1. Selling counterfeit Gucci bags is illegal. Counterfeiters have no legal right to profit from someone else's recognizable logo. Some counterfeiters claim to sell discounted 'authentic' Gucci bags while having no actual connection to Gucci at all. Counterfeiters will say and promise anything to deceive online buyers into buying their inferior fake Gucci handbags while not having a single concern for Gucci's true dedication to fabric selection and designs.
  2. Counterfeiters are routinely stealing the image and fame the Gucci brand has spent decades developing. The high fashion Gucci handbag you are seeing online is probably not the handbag you will receive; if they send you one at all. More likely, you will receive a knock off Gucci bag. Counterfeiters often steal copyrighted Gucci images and portray them as their own photographs to lure unknowing buyers.
  3. Counterfeiters illegally manufacture replica Gucci handbags in remote, often unsanitary warehouses. To maximize their profits, counterfeits might use cheap products and child labor to produce their counterfeit Gucci bags. Counterfeiters in third-world countries take advantage of their poor workers by making them work on fake Gucci bags for long hours and for very little pay, with no benefits. If they are given business by consumers like you, they will continue to exploit their workers.
  4. Since manufacturing replica Gucci bags is illegal, counterfeiters have to find other illegal ways of funding their production. The most common crimes associated with counterfeiter Gucci bags include identity theft, fraud and crimes, in which taxes and royalties are not paid.

By buying a counterfeit Gucci handbag, you are directly dealing with criminals who have already broken many local and international copyright, labor and tax laws. Can you be sure they will deliver what they promised online when they have already shown such disregard for the law? If you are unsatisfied with their service and wish to get your money back, do you think these counterfeiters will care? Counterfeiters will stop at nothing to take your money and could not care less about your rights and satisfaction as the consumer. Protect yourself and your money by avoiding counterfeiters and the replica Gucci bags they illegally sell.