How Can I Tell If a Website is Selling Counterfeit Gucci Bags?

Genuine Gucci handbags have been revered and honored as one of the world's most recognizable icons of luxury and fashion. Every authentic Gucci bag is handcrafted by experienced designers, knowledgeable in Gucci's exact handbag designs. You are guaranteed a one of a kind, perfectly put together, high quality handbag when you buy authentic Gucci bags—these guarantees never apply to knock off Gucci handbags.

Counterfeiters prey on this known fact by trying to convince online shoppers that their replica Gucci bag is just as good as a real Gucci bag that one would buy in a Gucci boutique. Counterfeiters use several methods of misrepresenting their fake Gucci bags to get you to buy them. Don't be fooled by a counterfeiter's deceptive website. How can you tell if a website and its contents are counterfeit?

  1. If the price is too good to be true, it's most likely a fake Gucci bag. Counterfeiters offer their replica Gucci handbags at lower-than-normal retail prices because they cut costs by using cheap synthetic leathers, fake Gucci fabrics, detachable emblems and flimsy zippers and brass buckles.
  2. What you see isn't always what you'll get. If the pictures of counterfeit Gucci bags look like they were taken directly out of a high fashion ad, they probably were. Counterfeiters generally produce low-quality handbags, so they steal copyrighted pictures of genuine Gucci goods, often straight from Gucci's official website, to trick you into believing you will get that exact product and not a replica Gucci handbag.
  3. They use phony replica Gucci bag standards to 'grade' their fake Gucci handbags. If you see any claim of '7 star' or 'AAA' replica grading scales, you know you are looking at counterfeit Gucci handbags. Also, if a website claims that their Gucci products are cheap because they are a Gucci warehouse or wholesaler, you can be sure this is also untrue and the website sells knock off Gucci bags.

The sale of fake Gucci handbags underestimates and devalues the class and quality associated with genuine Gucci goods. Fake Gucci bags compromise Gucci's true quality and craftsmanship with cheap, replica Gucci handbags that commonly degrade, fade in color and tear at much higher and quicker occurrences than actual Gucci products.  Gucci has made it a top priority to stop the sale of fake Gucci bags.